Petro’s Chili & Chips

What is Really in a Petro?

photo of a petro with ingredients

It’s no secret that everyone loves our famous Petro, but do you know what’s in it? The special ingredients we use in each Petro combined with our layering technique are what makes them so unique and mouth-watering! Read on to learn what is really in a Petro.

1. Fritos Corn Chips or Pasta

It all starts with a layer of Fritos Corn Chips. The original Petro was even served in a sliced open Fritos bag! If you don’t want to use Fritos, you can choose to substitute it with pasta for your first layer.

2. Chili

what is in a petroNext is our famous chili! Our special recipe chili is made with ground chicken, but you can choose to use vegetarian chili in your Petro if that’s what you prefer. Our vegetarian chili is just as delicious as our original!

3. Cheddar & Jack Cheeses

What’s a bowl of chili without any cheese? Our next layer is a blend of cheddar and jack cheeses that make every bite better.

4. Fresh Diced Tomatoes

On top of the cheese, we pile on diced tomatoes. We only use the freshest of vegetables at Petro’s.

5. Real Sour Cream

Of course, it wouldn’t be our famous Petro if it didn’t include a dollop of real sour cream! Sour cream is the perfect topper to our Fritos gourmet pie.

6. Fresh Green Onions

After the sour cream, we sprinkle on some fresh cut green onions that add a nice touch to our Petro.

7. Jalapeños

You can choose to make the green onions your last layer on your Petro, or you can add some jalapeños. Many of our guests love the extra spice jalapeños bring to our Petro.

8. Black Olives

We also encourage our guests to add some black olives onto the top of their Petro if they want!

About the Petro

All of our Petros are made-to-order and gluten-free, unless you choose to get pasta in your Petro. You can also choose our Lite Petro, which uses low-fat ground chicken chili and low-fat toppings. For just $1 more, you can enjoy one of our Premium Petros! A Premium Petro has all the ingredients you love in our original Petro, plus more delicious ingredients. You can add grilled chicken, buffalo grilled chicken, BBQ grilled chicken, pulled pork BBQ, or cheesy queso. We even have a Baja Petro that has salsa and guacamole!

Perfect Petro Pairing: Hint-of-Orange Iced Tea

hint of orange iced tea with a petroNothing pairs better with a Petro than a glass of our Hint-of-Orange Iced tea! Our signature award-winning tea draws people to Petro’s just as much as our unique Petro does. It’s so popular that we’ve made it so you can take some home with you! You can purchase it by the gallon or get our Brew-at-Home tea so you can make your own. Our Hint-of-Orange Iced Tea is also available in select Food City stores.

Now that you know what’s in a Petro, we bet you’re hungry to try one! Visit your nearest Petro’s Chili & Chips location and see why everyone falls in love with our delicious Petro.